IT Professional Services

Specializing in solving business problems with technology.



With over 20 years in Information Technology in Pacific Northwest, I can offer our clients low cost solutions to help solve business problems with technology. Progressive Cloud offers IT Professional Services that caters to the Small and Mid-size Business (SMB) market. I share my real world practical experiences to help your technical team to ramp up quickly and be equip with the skills needed to succeed. 

Ask about:   


- Corporate Enterprise & Infrastructure Support

- Project Management

- Network & Internet Security

- Cloud Migration Strategy

- Disaster Recovery Planning

- Productivity Optimization

- Strategic Planning

My Approach

Well-established IT leader with a passion for engineering and implementing enterprise solutions that optimize processes and support modern business needs. Having progressed through a series of in-depth technical roles over more than 20 years, I have made it my priority to utilize current technologies and new techniques to develop dynamic technical solutions across all project phases. 

Comfortable in collaborative and independently-driven roles, I am a forward-thinking leader with refined analytical and critical thinking skills, and I can adapt and revise my strategies to meet evolving priorities, shifting needs, and emergent issues. I’ve earned recognition as a major team contributor with the ability to thrive in changing and expanding environments while keeping long-term goals in sight.

Why Us?

Accomplished sophisticated and results-driven IT professional with track record of hands-on innovation and success translating strategic business objectives into compelling technology solutions and presenting technical information coherently at all organizational levels. Excellent interpersonal skills; forge and maintain effective relationships with diverse groups of colleagues, clients, and key stakeholders. Influential leader committed to developing, engaging, and motivating top-performing teams. Maintain knowledge of current and emerging technologies, products, and trends. Recognized for complex problem resolution, adaptability, cross-functional team collaboration, and strong business acumen. 


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